Next team to fuck up: Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao beat Mallorca in the quarterfinals and will be playing Pablo Infante and his Mirandes on Tuesday. More about that tomorrow…


Pablo the Nightmare

Barbra Streisand (Pablo Infante version)

I hate Barbra Streisand or whatever the bitch name is, but I love Pablo Infante. Hence:

The Road to the Semi-Finals

Round 1: Amorebieta – CD Mirandes 0-1 (Ivan Agustin ’54)

Mirandes started out with a win against 4th division team Amorebieta. It was the first game new goalkpeer Nauzet Perez played for his club after being sacked from Swedish Halmstad BK earlier in the summer. The only goal of the game was scored by Ivan Agustin on a delicious free kick close to the box.

 Round 2: Mirandes – Linense 3-1 (Lambarri, Barahona, Pablo Infante)

The second round was easy for Mirandes who won with 3-1 against third division rivals Linense. Pablo Infante, of course – who else – scored the most beautiful goal of the evening when he lobbed the Linense goalkeeper to secure the 3-1 victory.

Round 3: Mirandes – Logrones 3-1 (Albistege o.g. ’17, Alain Arroyo ’25, Ivan Agustin ’52)

Easy win for Mirandes against another third division team with the most spectacular moment being the neatly put own goal by Albistege. Pablo Infante, however, saved his goals for more important and difficult games.

Round 4, first leg, Mirandes – Villarreal 1-1 (Alain Arroyo ’26)

Mirandes were the better team but only managed to get 1-1 against Villarreal and seemed to be out of the tournament, since winning in Villarreal seems like a difficult task for a third division team. However, the world proved wrong as the morale of the Mirandes players only could be compared to that of straight up aliens. Villarreal equalised in the 86th minute through Valero, but in the long term, the goal proved to be of more use for Mirandes.

Round 4, second leg, Villarreal – Mirandes 0-2 (Pablo Infante ’60 and ’87)

Villarreal probably thought they would win easily but Mirandes had different plans. Early into the game, Mirandes missed a penalty and was robbed of another, and the pure anger only motivated the players even more. In the second half it was all about Pablo Infante. One outstanding piece of technique was followed by a smooth shot into the keepers left corner in the 60th minute and the home fans were shocked. The teams exchanged scoring opportunities but the second goal would only come in the 87th minute, when Pablo Infante with great positioning skills made his second goal of the evening.

Round of 16, first leg,  Mirandes – Racing Santander 2-0 (Pablo Infante ’33, Martins ’45)

Knowing they could do everything, like turning 1-1 into a victory against a top team of La Liga, Mirandes began the game with great confidence and the best player of the evening? Without a doubt Pablo Infante. Except for the goal he scored, and his beautiful assist to the second goal, he also managed to create lots of opportunities for his team. Mirandes dominated the game from the first minute and won fairly two goals to nothing.

Round of 16, second leg, Racing Santander – Mirandes 1-1 (Pablo Infante penalty ’72)

Yes, we have to admit – Racing were the better team in this game, creating lots of chances, but Pablo Infante played a great game and had some opportunities to equalise Pedro Munitis first half goal. In the 72nd minute, he scored from the penalty spot after being brought down by some stupid Santander defender. Perhaps a bit cheap, but clearly contact, and Mirandes advanced to the quarter finals.

Quarter finals, first leg, Espanyol – Mirandes 3-2 (Alain Arroyo ’28, Pablo Infante ’77)

Mirandes scored the first goal in the 28th minute through Alain Arroyo and while Espanyol had most of the possession in the second half, Pablo Infante still managed to score the 0-2 goal (a beauty, of course) with thirteen minutes to go and the wonderful story of Mirandes seemed to continue. But in four minutes, Espanyol managed to score three goals and won the game. People though, “poor Mirandes, they fought so hard”… Well, fuck it. If the could turn it around against Villarreal, they could do it against Espanyol. They only wanted to improve the saga even more.

Quarter finals, second leg, Mirandes – Espanyol 2-1 (Pablo Infante ’57, Cesar Caneda ’92)

Mirandes played well in the first half but got into trouble immediatly in the second when some random shit player from Espanyol tried to defeat the almighty aliens. The story seemed, once again, to be reaching it’s end when Infante gave his team hope with more than thirty minutes to go. Espanyol put their focus on defense, a tactic that could have worked if it weren’t for Cesar’s goal from Pablos free-kick.

Pablo Infante Podcast #1: “Very atmospheric fans”

Hear the first podcast about Pablo Infante where one of our crew members – Svante Christensen – compare the magician of Mirandes with former Mjällby midfielder Christian Augustsson, while Simon Berglind on the other hand sees more similarities with Pokémon number 151, Mew.

CD Mirandes vs Espanyol 2-1

One goal and one assist from Pablo Infante as Mirandes beat Espanyol 2-1 (4-4, Mirandes advance thanks to more away goals as the first meeting ended 3-2 to Espanyol).

Complex nature of Pablo Infante